Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bedazzled Bouquet

This past weekend we hooked up with The Bell Event Center for their first Elite Bridal Show. I was bestowed the honor of doing the bouquets for the Fashion Show. I will be posting some other photos from that soon but I wanted to give this little gem a post all by itself.

People went nutso over this bouquet. It was sparkly, bright, and fun! This is such a great way to make your bouquet last FOREVER! It is also a great way to add something sentimental to your wedding day couture. Here are three ideas to making this your own.

*Did you have a favorite grandmother with pins galore? This is the perfect way to tie in your something old.
*Have a Brooch Bridal Shower. Have all your guest bring you a brooch that will adorn your bouquet. It would make for a fun and unique shower. But that is just me of course!
*Or just let me take it from here and pick out all the fabulous jewels!

Any way you have it, this is a fun a unique way to make your bouquet you!

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