Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kara and Alex.... The Most Adorable Couple!!!!!

Kara and Alex were amazing to work with!!! They are one of the couples that you see and know that they are going to be married forever! Kara had wanted a rich purple wedding with hints of nature twisted in. As she once told me, "I really like the look of weeds." The tables were extremely fun, all of them were pretty much different. Thank you Kara and Alex for choosing me to be apart of such a unique and fun day! Beautiful photos made possible by

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kate and her Dahlias

Kate just loved dahlias. It was that plain and simple. Not only that, she wanted the perfect shade of coral. Well working with Mother Nature, she decides the final shade. Mother Nature gave Kate her wedding wish that week! When I opened the box, I was gitty with excitement at how beautiful they were. I knew that Kate was going to be sooo excited. Thank you Kate for the new happy place you found me!

Thank you Ciulla Photography for capturing the perfect pictures!