Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Every Show is Better with Coke and Popcorn

Jessica had already known exactly what she had wanted before she showed up on my doorstep. I absolutely love it when people personalize their wedding to make it fun and unique. Everything does not have to be typical. This reason alone is why I do not do "packages". I don't feel that every wedding should be the same exact way. Why do you want to look like Sally Sue's wedding from last weekend? Well needless to say, this was a completely adorable, thoughtful wedding. I mean hello look at how adorable the coke and popcorn treats were! I was glad that Jessica and Michael included me on such a special day. I want to also thank Nikita Gross Photography for telling the colorful story so picture perfect!


  1. Marti!! You're awesome! I LOVED all of the Flowers for our wedding. As soon as I saw my bouquet & the Centerpieces, my jaw Dropped!! {in a great way} The bridesmaids' unique bouquets were Perfect, they matched each girls' personality just as I hoped.
    I was so discouraged after meeting with other florists who talked me out of my ideas for the big day. But You were so great to talk to. You understood my ideas & executed them as if you had read my mind! I'm so happy we picked you to be our florist! You made the day exciting & alot less stressful, Thank you soooo much!!

  2. You are MORE than welcome Jessica!!!! You were great to work with and are the best fan ever!!! As you simply put it every time, you were a GORGEOUS Bride!!!