Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eclectic Essentials

We are trying out a new little venture and I hope that it is welcomed with open arms. In Cincinnati, there are few places that you can reach out to rent "unique items". This year we a thrilled to start out a rental service of antique or specialty items if you must give it a title. From milk glass and hobnail containers to 1970's Pepsi Machine (yes you heard me right), these items will for sure give your event the personal touch that is the rave these days. Once we get more photos of the items, there will be a "Eclectic Essentials" tab for you to view these one of a kind rentals. I love to provide my clients with a fresh approach to different and fun products. If this venture grows, so will the items.


  1. LOVE this!!! Let me know if I can contribute or help this grow in any way :) (love the way your noggin' thinks!)

  2. Hey sorry! I just saw this. I do not keep up on my blog enough! There is a small (If any) amount of places in Cincinnati that have a great selection of cool, different things. I will be working on this more in the next month!